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Address: AJ-52B, Shalimar Bagh (West, Shalimar Bagh, opp. to Ever Bake, Delhi, 110088)

Simplifying Technical

Where will the market go? What should be the target of the stock? At what point should the loss be booked?
All such questions come to our mind while trading.
This course covers all such questions and more. It will give in-depth knowledge about the market structure

Duration : 50+ Hours



Course Price : ₹35,000/-

In This Course, You Will Learn About...

Market Structure

Learn how the market moves between Supply & Demand Zones, forming proper Structure.
In-depth understanding of Price Action behaviour provides us trade opportunities.

Market Indicators

Learn how to use Market Indicators (such as RSI, MA, Ratios) in conjunction with Market Structure.
It’s very important to know where & how to use indicators.

Stop Loss Management

When to exit? How to manage losing trades? This is the MOST IMPORTANT feature of our course. This gives you an edge over other general Retail traders

Course Curriculum

1. Overview of Technical Analysis

1.1  Technical Analysis  v/s  Fundamental Analysis

1.2  Different types of charts on the basis of Time Period

1.3  Understanding Candlestick Charts

2. Art of Reading "Emotional Candlesticks"
2.1  How Candlesticks depict emotions of market players ?
2.2  Important Candlestick  -> patternsWhen do they work & when do they fail ?
2.3 ” Gap Theory ” in Candlestick
3. Multiple Time Frame (MTF) Analysis
3.1  Importance of Multiple Time Frame Analysis 
3.2 Concept of 3 Time Frames -> Higher Time Frame, Analysis Time Frame & Trading Time Frame
3.3 Using different Time Frames for proper Placement of Stop Loss & Identifying Proft taking area
4. Concept of Trend
4.1  Understanding concept of trend
4.2 Circle of trend
4.3 Dow Theory
4.4 Using  (HH, HL, LH, LL, EH, EL)  to know the market trend
4.5 Identifying change in trend
5. Concept of Market Structure

5.1  Structured Support & Resistance

5.2  Unstructured Support & Resistance

5.3  Fibonacci Ratio & Correct way to Trade Using Ratios

6. Learning Market Indicators (Fibonacci Ratios, RSI, Moving Averages)

6.1 Understanding Concept of RSI, MA

6.2 Using RSI, MA alongwith  Fibonacci Ratios 

6.3 Using RSI, MA alongwith Market Structure

7. Trading Strategies

7.1 Trading Pullbacks

7.2 Trading Reversals

7.3 Combining Options Strategies alongwith Technical Analysis

8. Trade and Risk Management

8.1 Proper Placement of Stop Loss 

8.2 Using Options to Manage Risk 

8.3 Proper way of Taking out Profits

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