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Address: AJ-52B, Shalimar Bagh (West, Shalimar Bagh, opp. to Ever Bake, Delhi, 110088)


If you’ve been curious about trading options, you’ve probably heard people say they’re riskier than trading stocks. But what does ‘risk’ mean, and are options really more risky? Let’s take a closer look to find out.


Duration : 40+ Hours

Course Price : ₹35,000/-

In This Course, You Will Learn About...

Stocks vs. Options

 Learn, how we can use Options to buy stocks at better price. Discover, how different “Put selling” strategies can give You an edge in market.

Options Strategies

Learn different strategies for different types of market. Gives you an edge in all types of market    (be it bullish, bearish or sideways)

Strategy & Management

Learn the Art of Adjustments & what to look for when managing multiple trades. How to manage loss making positions & convert them into profit.

Course Curriculum

1. Option Basics

1.1   Options Vs. Stock

1.2   Options 101: Understanding Call Options

1.3   Options 101: Understanding Put Options

1.4   Intrinsic & Extrinsic Value

1.5   Buying vs. Selling Options

QUIZ:   Buying vs Selling

QUIZ:   Calls vs Puts

QUIZ:   Stocks

2. Trade Entry Concepts

2.1   Expiration & Strike Price

2.2   Bid-Ask Spread

2.3   Volume & Open Interest

2.4   Intro to Probability of Profit (POP)

2.5   Intro to Implied Volatility

2.6   Intro to Implied Volatility Rank & Percentile

2.7   Intro to Notional Value & Buying Power Reduction

QUIZ:   Option Basics

QUIZ:   ITM/OTM, Probability of Profit, and Volatility

3. Basic Option Strategies: Part 1

3.1   Naked Put Options

3.2   Naked Call Option

3.3   Covered Call

3.4   Vertical Debit Spread

3.5   Vertical Credit Spread

QUIZ:   Naked Options

QUIZ:   Vertical Spreads

4. Basic Option Strategies: Part 2

4.1   Strangle

4.2   Iron Condor

4.3   Straddle

4.4   Iron Fly

QUIZ:   Beginner Option Strategies

5. Intro To The Greeks

5.1   Delta

5.2   Theta

5.3   Vega

QUIZ:   Intro to the Greeks – Delta

QUIZ:   Intro to the Greeks – Theta

QUIZ:   Intro to the Greeks – Vega

6. Intro To Trade Management

6.1   Opening a Trade

6.2   Closing a Trade

6.3   Assignment and Rolling a Trade

QUIZ:   Trade Management

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